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Our world is D! 3

Sometimes it's hard to picture what's being described!

Why struggle? - Enter the exciting new world of 3D education!

-UK & USA curriculums -Homeschooling -Distance learning

To understand flat 2D images, our brain has to imagine them in 3D. Some of us are good at this - some not so good!

No longer...

Hundreds of fully labelled interactive 3D models, in stunning colour & detail

See to believe!

Diagrams in books can often be difficult to understand!

2018 technology! - Use your VR gaming skills for learning!

-Virtual Field trips!

It can often be difficult to understand topics from books alone, trying to make sense of the text and diagrams.

-Sometimes text just isn't enough!

Imagine how much easier it would be to have all of these topics, in your own 'Virtual World'. We support all VR headsets!

Learning in D 3

If I can hold a model in my hand, it helps me understand much better!

Making the impossible possible - with AR!

-Starter models -Advanced models

Many of us learn much better by seeing objects, rather than just reading about them in books.

All of our stunning 3D models are now available to you in AR.

AR models are compatable with all modern mobile phones & tablets!

Exciting 3 D 3 D Education The new, way to learn!

Welcome to the new exciting way to learn, designed and run by teachers. Choose a 3D model from the gallery, and your stepping through into a new magical world!

3D models help improve your understanding of many different topics. Our models support UK and USA School curriculums. Use tablet, mobile or desktop, our system is designed to work with them all!

The models are all fully labelled and annotated, with 'text to speech'. Incredibly realistic 3D models in vivid colour and detail.

UK Year 7 - 13  USA Grades 6 - 12  Homeschooling  Distance Learning

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Every model loads inside a 'Sky Box' (just like a computer game!) placing the model inside a simulated world that moves as you interact with the model.

3 D D 3 makes easy Learning easy. Grades up to 35%slxmdb Higher!

Why use 3D? Students using 3D remembered more and in greater detail than pupils using 2D.

Their test results showed an improvement from 52% (using only 2D) to 86% using 3D!   

There are starter models, for those new to a topic. Advanced versions, for students that want more information.

Our 3D viewer was designed to make using the models super easy! Once loaded, simply tap the links to move between different versions of the model.

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Supports curriculums
text to speech
Mobile Tablet & Desktop

World own Your Virtual World! See for yourself.

VR may have started out in games and entertainment, but now it's an exciting new tool for learning.

VR is a very sensory experience, allowing you to view and interact with the world as never before. It's ‘fully inclusive’, the visually and physically impaired can all access our curriculum resources.

Explore organs of the human body. View cells and their structures, without having to struggle with a microscope! Visit power stations, undersea tidal turbines and much more.

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Google Cardboard
oculus rift
3D TV's
3D Computers

Our system is designed to work on 3D TV’s and 3D computer monitors. Now, even without a headset, you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits that VR offers.

reality All in your hand! A new reality!

Augmented reality (AR) brings together virtual reality and the real world. View our 3D models in the palm of your hand!

Unlike virtual reality, you don’t need a headset to use AR, just your smartphone or tablet.

AR uses the camera and position sensors to superimpose 3D models into the real world.

Diagrams and images in books can be hard to understand. AR brings these diagrams to life.

Seeing our detailed models from all sides, makes understanding much easier.

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Interactive Flash Cards

Seven subjects, 1000's of pre-installed cards! Make your own with text, images and equations!

Mobile Tablet & Desktop

Flash Cards are an excellent way to learn and revise. Just imagine what interactive flash cards can do!

Packs are easy to make, share and use. All cards have text to speech. Shuffle packs, keep score of the ones you know -and don't know!

Interactive Tools

Over 50 million 3D models of proteins & molecules! Interactive periodic tables, for Chemistry & Biology students!

Essential Tools!

Interactive Periodic Tables

View flame colours, reactions, ‘dot & cross’ diagrams, element information and much more.

3D Mols

Over 50 million 3D models of chemical structures, compounds and crystals!

Educational Apps!

How well do you know your definitions & keywords? Test yourself with our interactive Apps!

Fun Apps

Match Words

1000's of 'Text to speech' Match Words, to improve your knowledge & recall. Easily make your own and share!

Interactive crosswords

Pre-installed or make your own. Use online, or download and print crosswords and clues!

Hey! Did we mention? Designed, built & run by teachers

UK Years 10 - 13   USA Grades 9 - 12   Homeschooling   Distance Learning

Are you an Educator?


Teachers of today have to be innovative, about their methods of delivery, if they want to make a real impact on their students.

3D is a whole new exciting way of learning. It doesn't replace conventional teaching methods; it supplements them!

3D adds excitement, vivid colour, form and movement to the subject matter. These computer-generated innovations are revolutionising education for students, particularly in biology physics and chemistry.

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Home School

Homeschooling in recent years has become something of a phenomenon. The number of parents taking their children out of the traditional school system has risen all around the world.

The reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children are as diverse as the parents themselves. Control of the curriculum is one of the most popular reasons. So is a flexible approach to learning that expands the child’s mindset.

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Special educational needs

Nowhere are the educational benefits of ICT more apparent than with children with learning impairments. Computers are a great leveler, a learning aid which helps erase the separation in abilities between students.

For SEN students to get the most out of their education, it’s important they feel included with their peers.

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