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3D We see in 3 D! Stop with 2D

Why is watching a movie in 3D more exciting than 2D?

To understand a 2D image our brain has to try and convert it into 3D. Some of us are good at this, some not so good!

Movies in 3D are more exciting simply because it takes less 'brain power' to enjoy them!

For the same reasons learning in 3D is much easier. It's more enjoyable and gets better results - because it uses less 'Brain power'!

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Don't waste your time and energy, trying to make sense of diagrams. Use your time and energy to understand the topics.

Get better grades The easy way!

3D makes learning much easier. Topics are brought to life - they are no longer simply line diagrams and text in books!

3D Improves your understanding. It makes facts easier to remember and processes easier to understand.

Research has shown, students learning with 3D improve their grades by up to 35%

Visual learners learn from reading or seeing pictures.
Our stunning 3D models, in vivid color, are all fully labelled.

Auditory learners learn by hearing and listening.
The model labels are all 'Text to speech'.

Kinesthetic (or tactile learners) learn by touching and doing.
Interact with our realistic models in 3D, VR or AR.

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Easily Easily understand Topics & systems!

Fully understanding topics and systems, whether in the Sciences or Geography, takes time. Teachers are working against the clock to get you through your exams, but we all learn at different speeds!

Sometimes we need to spend more time on one topic, before we move on to the next!

With our 3D system you have hundreds of interactive models, on key educational topics, that you can easily revisit time and time again.

Often, due to 'cost cutting', many textbooks are no longer available for students to take home. Our 3D models, Apps and tools, are available 24/7 on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Ready to help you with classwork, homework, or studying for exams!

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World own Your Virtual World! Full of information

How quickly and easily do you learn to use your new computer game? You master the game quickly because it uses your 'real world' senses.

You use sight, touch, movement and sound to navigate around a virtual world. Now imagine using those same skills, to learn at school!

Using your mobile smart phone, along with our 3D models, brings you a learning experience like never before!

VR brings to life unexciting line diagrams in books, it makes seem real topics that were once difficult to imagine.

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Visit Visit topics Don't just study them!

We all remember going on 'field trips', they are used to help reinforce our learning.

VR works in a similar way, it can be a 'multi sensory' experience. 3D models viewed in VR give us a much deeper understanding, they are easier to concentrate on and we remember many more facts!

VR gives us the opportunity to 'see for ourselves' things that were , until now, only described in textbooks.

We can look inside the living body, view cells, 'walk' around power stations or stand at the top of an electricity pylon!

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A Virtual World! Or a real world?

Games and entertainment use VR for good reason - It catches and holds our attention! Used in education VR can be just as addictive.

VR transports the learner into an exciting new world, a world that does seem real!

How often do you find yourself talking about the latest computer game, describing it as 'real people' in a 'real world'?

This happens because it has stimulated many different senses, it has 'tricked' your brain into thinking that it is real!

Viewing our 3D educational models in VR can do the same thing, they trick your brain into thinking they are real.

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World Breath-taking 3 D models In the 'real' world!

Some of us learn better when we can hold a model in our hand. To be able 'see' the model makes it easier to understand.

All of our amazingly realistic 3D models are available in Augmented Reality (AR).

Using your mobile phone, or tablet, you can view the 3D models in the 'real world'. Again we are 'tricking' the brain into thinking that the model is real, making it much easier to remember.

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A+ Supercharge Your learning!

Using our vividly realistic 3D models, is your first step on a pathway to a better education. They hold your attention, improve your understanding and recall - They transport you into a whole new world of learning!

Our system uses the same technology as your computer games, 3D, VR and AR, to put the 'Awesome' back into education!

For as little as 25p/34c per day

Make this the year that learning became easy!

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Hey! Did we mention? Designed, built & run by teachers

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Teachers of today have to be innovative, about their methods of delivery, if they want to make a real impact on their students.

3D is a whole new exciting way of learning. It doesn't replace conventional teaching methods; it supplements it.

3D adds excitement, vivid colour, form and movement to the subject matter. These computer-generated innovations are revolutionising education for students, particularly in biology physics and chemistry.

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Home School

Homeschooling in recent years has become something of a phenomenon. The number of parents taking their children out of the traditional school system has risen all around the world.

The reasons why parents choose to homeschool their children are as diverse as the parents themselves. Control of the curriculum is one of the most popular reasons. So is a flexible approach to learning that expands the child’s mindset.

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Special educational needs

Nowhere are the educational benefits of ICT more apparent than with children with learning impairments. Computers are a great leveler, a learning aid which helps erase the separation in abilities between students.

For SEN students to get the most out of their education, it’s important they feel included with their peers.

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