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A 3D world of Education | Run by teachers!

Working to improve education for young people! After many years in the planning, it's finally here - A truly interactive 3D education website!

Technology has changed the world as we know it. It provides us with new, exciting ways, to impart knowledge to the next generation. We have embraced this new technology, and we're using it to bring education to life!

Using game and mobile technology, so familiar to students, we make education more exciting! Providing interactive resources that all students can easily access and use.

To learn, students must be engaged. To engage students we need relevant resources! Books will always have a place in education, but confusing diagrams won't!

Our world is 3D, we see in 3D - Yet, despite the technology available, schools still persist in 2D teaching!

No longer, we now offer you a 3D solution that enables -

Educators to teach, and students to learn, in a whole new exciting 3D way!

Why 3does?

Why ?

For too many years the gulf between 'How we teach', and modern technology has widened. We're not saying that there aren't great teachers and teaching establishments. - There are! But the best teachers know that they have to change with the times.

In the same way that abacuses are no longer relevant in mathematics - line diagrams are now outdated. Students expect, and deserve, far more from their education. The computer games they play are 'real'. The diagrams in books at school, are not! - This is what we must compete with.

Our system brings to life what were once flat, lifeless, diagrams in books. It makes seem real abstract concepts. It gives us the opportunity, once again, to fill our students with awe and wonder about the world around them!

Engaging students

Students spend a lot of time, each day, in education. It's not easy for teachers to keep their students engaged for these long periods! Our resources help with this task. 3D engages students, they remain 'on task' for longer, and retain more information.

If students are struggling, we're fighting a losing battle to keep them engaged! Our 3D models are differentiated! All models are available in 'Starter' and 'Advanced' versions. By Autumn 2018 we will have completed the third tier - 'Junior'.

Many students find reading difficult! Do you have students that struggle with large amounts of text? Is English their second language? Our models and Apps are all 'text to speech', a function that's invaluable to them.

Disengaged students often exhibit poor behavior! Schools spend large amounts of precious resources on 'behavior management'. Is poor behavior a growing problem, or a symptom of the current education system? - Are these students just bored?

It's a simple fact - engaged students behave better and learn more! Our 3D models and Apps seize a students attention. Differentiation and ease of use, ensures that students have access to the same resources - regardless of ability!

Using 3D, VR, AR and interactivity.... Engages students!

Access for all

Huge sums are spent on ensuring, thankfully, that all students can access resources. Every student has the right to an education, all students deserve a 'level playing field'. - Is adapting outdated resources the best way to go?

Our revolutionary 3D system knows no boundaries! Students, irrespective of ability or impairment, can access our truly engaging curriculum resources.

With your support, we can continue to expand on what we offer. We add new 3D models every week, and have many new exciting Apps - soon to be released!

A word from our CEO

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website

I have been, for more years than I care to remember, a full-time teacher of Chemistry, Biology and general science. My degrees are in Chemistry and Biochemistry. I have also worked as an educational consultant, in both the UK and South Africa.

In the late 1990's, I was a member of a task force, set up to bring ‘IT into the classroom’. Some great ideas were discussed, what’s changed since then – very little! Yes we now have ‘so called’ Interactive whiteboards and PC’s in many classrooms. But, essentially, very little has changed over the past 20 years!

For the same reasons you wouldn't watch the latest 'Block Buster' movie, on a 12 inch black and white TV. Students no longer wish to spend most of their days with text books alone - Technology has changed our world!

Students of today live in a truly 'Interactive world', from mobile phones to games consoles. Why are mobile phones and computer games billion dollar industries? Because they captivate young people. They allow them to interact and become part of an exciting new world.

Our system was designed to embrace the best that modern technology has to offer. To provide students access to engaging resources. Using the technologies that they know and love!

Students don't carry textbooks with them everywhere they go - but just try separating them from their mobile phones! We designed our system, from the ground up, for the mobile world. Students are now just a tap away from engaging, and exciting, 3D curriculum resources.

We have many more exciting ideas in the pipeline. Our mission is to drag the education systems (kicking and screaming!) into the 21st century. We very much hope that you will continue to support us, and our endeavours. Together we can make education more exciting, and engaging, for the young people of today!

Best wishes

CEO 3Does Ltd

More Questions?

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We truly believe in 'Education for all'. If you find yourself in financial difficulties, but would love to be able to access our resources - please get in touch!

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