Stop struggling at school 3D makes learning easy!

Stop struggling at school 3D makes learning easy!

3D model viewer

Designed to make using the models super easy! Once loaded, simply tap the links to move between different versions of the model.

Starter 3D models

3D makes learning much easier. Topics are brought to life - they are no longer simply line diagrams and text in books!

Advanced 3D models

With our 3D system, you have access to hundreds of interactive models - On key educational topics!

Virtual Reality

Bringing to life topics that were once difficult to imagine!

Augmented Reality

Using your mobile phone, or tablet, you can view our stunning 3D models in the 'real world'.


All of our 3D models are available for the zSpace platform - Ready to be taken apart!

Interactive Apps

Our apps are all ‘text to speech’. Use on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Interactive Tools

Over 50 million 3D molecules, Interactive Periodic Tables and calculators with notes.